Hrastje 52k

Company ARC-Kranj, d.o.o. was founded in 1993 as a family-owned company. From the very beginning, the company distributes products of global consumer brands in the field of cosmetics, food, beverages and tobacco products on the Slovenian market. In 2014 the company expanded its business to Croatia market  with company ARC - Adriatic.

Through the years, the company has been constantly developing and expanding its fields of operations in the Horeca segment, the professional hair care cosmetics and pharmacy segment. The experience and flexibility of the company and employees ensure success!

Today, the company is a regional distributor offering complete services based on the model of distribution and services tailored to the requirements of individual principals.

and more employees

and more brand

and more different products

and more covered POS





FMCG - Slovenia, Croatia

Distribution channels of fast moving consumer goods, drugstores, traditional outlets, gas stations, kiosks


Distribution and education of professional hair cosmetics in hairdressers in Slovenia

HORECA - Slovenia, Croatia

Distribution channels to hotels, restaurants, bars, caffes

PHARMACY - Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Registration for the distribution of prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs and dietary supplements

Distribution markets


Slovenia | ARC-KRANJ, d.o.o.


Croatia | ARC-ADRIATIC, d.o.o.

Competetive edge

  • We build a long-standing trusted collaboration
  • We provide financial stability with our own capital
  • KPMG excellent opinion every year since 2001
  • In control of every single cost centre
  • In-house Quality Control, full compliance with legislation & requirements
  • 25 years of experience with global multinational companies
  • Managing more than 40 global brands
  • Simultaneous ability to operate and manage various models of marketing of various multinational companies
  • Sales: A strong sales team covering the management of key customers and separate sales teams according to a range of products, equipped with modern work technology.
  • Distribution: Owned modern and organized warehouse in Slovenia, organized according to standards required by various fields such as food, pharmacy, excise warehouse, supply of products to central warehouses and capillary distribution with own fleet, which also meets all quality requirements individual areas.
  • Marketing: Trademarks are provided by Brand Managers who ensure that activities in the trade as well as other marketing activities are carried out according to the set goals. We have in house team that takes care of the design of marketing materials, for an organization of events, promotions and sponsorship events.
  • Positioning products on shelves: Regular positioning, project positioning and long experience with CatMan projects.
  • STANDARDS IN WAREHOUSE: We use the GS1 system, the complete traceability of products on the market, the FEFO system, automatic location search, the possibility to recall the product within 3 hours.
  • DELIVERY: o In Slovenia we deliver from the central warehouse at the location in Kranj within 24 hours. Delivery in Croatia is carried out from Zagreb with our own deliveries and contractual partners. Delivery of goods to locations within 24 hours (Croatian islands within 48 hours)

The company acts in a responsible manner within the company itself, to ensure the efficient operation of the company, and it also works for the benefit of all business partners. Over the years, we also care about contributing to the development of the social environment.

  • Transparent and professional business
  • Many years of experience with the operations of multinational companies
  • Mutual commitment to achieve goals
  • Quick responsiveness and openness to new ideas and opportunities
  • Integrity and respect for joint agreements and agreed deadlines
  • Respect for the quality of work in all areas, standards of principals, standards of the respective field and legislation
  • Own funds that enable stable business and responsiveness



As a distributor, with an excellent sales results in FMCG segment, which are showed by market shares, the Company extending its business on Pharmacy segment. 

The Company is registered for distribution:

1. Medications for humane use

  • Prescription drugs products
  • Drugs products issued in pharmacies and specialised stores without prescription

2. Medical devices

3. Food supplements

Service is provided according to issued permition, issued by official institutions in accordance to good distribution pratice and legisslation.


  • The company has obtained appropriate registrations in the countries of Slovenia and Croatia.

In addition to the first - rate logistic service (transport and logistic to all key accounts), we offers also marketing and sales.

The Company meets all conditions for the distribution of Group II and III; we consider all strict -safety regulations.

In consideration of good distribution practice for cosmetics, medical devices and food supplements we offer also other services:

  • labels stickering
  • inserting and fixing instruction for use
  • replacement of old instruction for use with new one
  • repackaging of the products (replacement of outer packaging)
  • product packaging in thermosetting foil
  • Compliance with the Guidelines of 5th November 2013 on Good Distribution Pratice for Medical products for human use (2013/C343/01)
  • Regular audits by a local authorized organisation, one of the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies
  • Regular JAZMP inspection